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Have you ever tested the German conception ? If you haven’t you’re missing out on quality and performance. We provide you with quality used Audi vehicles, they are waiting for you in our inventory, choose one and come and discover the German driving experience by Audi. The strength and secret of the German manufacturer is that it has a vehicle for almost all existing category. Thus, it's possible to find all kinds of used Audi vehicles. The range of vehicles is pretty huge. In 2010, the company established a new sales record. Audi is now positioned among the best manufacturers world wide. It represents quality and status. Try a used Audi today, you won't regret your investment.

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To say we consider each and every detail, both when we build your Audi and when we give it our Certified stamp of approval, is hardly an exaggeration. We're Audi. Ours is a history of details. Some large, some small. But all of them quite important. There's no better illustration of our attention to detail than our 300+ Point Inspection process. No other manufacturer puts its Certified Pre-Owned cars through a tougher, or more encompassing, examination – one which every Audi has to ace in order to qualify as Certified Pre-Owned. Read more

Audi Goes After Tech-Savvy Fans

Audi's new A3 is the German automaker's entry-level model. It's the smallest and cheapest Audi you can buy, but that doesn't mean the company has adopted an attitude of austerity for the little car. It is German after all, which immediately makes us think of performance and luxury, with gadgets and a level of comfort one can only dream about in Korean, Japanese or North American vehicles. It may be entry-level, but Audi is targeting young, tech-savvy buyers with it. Audi's goal with the A3 was to offer a well-equipped car, one that is up to Audi's standards around the $30,000 mark. That couldn't have been easy. While their advertising tagline is "Stay uncompromised," a few compromises had to be made to get this car in on budget. It's standard engines, a 1.8-litre and a 2.0-litre, are good, they're not even close to the ones available in higher end Audis. The design too, is a little less, the materials not quite as sumptuous, but it's an Audi and it's affordable.

Audi Nanuk Quatro Concept

Often concept cars are just fun- a little goofy, and unlikely to come to fruition anytime soon, if at all. They're imaginative and come with a generous helping of exaggeration. These cars are usually created to gauge reactions to certain aspects of them, generating "what if?" type of discussions. Others simply build them to draw more attention to their brands and reinforce the image behind them. Audi's newest concept though is different. It's magnificent.

Luxury Cars Go Greener And Meaner

It used to mean that green cars meant gutless little grocery getters that had about as much power as a sewing machine. Well, the technology has changed significantly, and we're seeing it move up into the luxury brands who pride themselves on power and performance.

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2008 Audi TT Coupe

2008 Audi TT Coupe

A little bit of history before starting the evaluation of this tryout. The Audi TT took shape in 1994 when a team of young designers sketched the concepts. These trials...

2008 Audi R8

2008 Audi R8

Who says exotic automobile is usually referring to the now mythical Italian rockets. Names such as Lamborghini and Ferrari send millions of car enthusiasts into...